How to Get on TV Without Trying

Step 1. Read this article about amusing video going viral and watch video

Step 2. Take bait and tweet offer

Step 3. Proceed to watch story continue to gain velocity and take said tweet with it.

Several of the numerous embeds and mentions
AA Blog
some radio station site

Step 4. Get mentioned on national television shows such as Channel 7’s Sunrise, 10’s The Project and the Today show on a little known American regional broadcaster known as “NBC” video here

Look ma! I'm on tee-vee

Look ma! I’m on tee-vee

Why Online Marketing isn’t Sorcery


Believe it or not folks but I am not a wizard.

I say this because many seem to think that I can wave my magic “online marketing wand” and make money effortlessly rain from the heavens for their business regardless of their budget or capabilities.

If your

  • product or service sucks; or
  • there’s no demand for it;
  • or it’s incorrectly priced; or
  • you’re targeting the wrong people


no online marketing strategy in the world is going to help you.

Online marketing is not a cure-all for your business woes. It falls under but one of the four Ps of marketing. In order to succeed you must have all your ducks lined up across all four of these critical pillars of business.

If you do have a product or service that is in demand or fulfils an unmet need and it is priced appropriately then “yes” I or any other online marketer will probably be able to assist.

14,000 tweets

If you ain’t:

  • tweeting;
  • Facebookin’
  • uploading to Youtube; and
  • buildin’ sites and apps on the regular:

don’t try to offer me advice on how to do my job and market using these tools because I will not respect your opinion.

I can’t stand those who give advice from a theoretical point of view. I respect the opinions of those who speak from experience only. Competence comes from repeated, daily practice. If you want to master the tools, learn their subtleties and nuances and earn my respect for your opinion in the process you must put in the hard yards – there is no substitute.